Birth & Death Records / Vital Statistics

                 ***EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 2015***
In accordance with Texas State Law - Health and Safety Code 191.0031, applications for all certified copies of birth and death records requested by mail, must provide notarized proof of identity. Failure to do so will result in your request being denied.

Same Day Walk-In Lobby Service

 Birth Certificates
(Application) (Spanish)

  • Generally available 2 weeks after birth occurs
  • Walk-Ins are issued certificates the same day
  • Certified Birth Certificate Long Form-Texarkana, Wake Village, or Nash births only
  • Certified Birth Abstract Certificate Short Form-State Records for all Texas births
Death Certificates (Application) (Spanish)

  • Generally available 10 or more business days after death occurs
  • Walk-Ins are issued certificates the same day
  • Texarkana, Wake Village, or Nash deaths only
  • Funeral Home Service

Birth and Death Online Orders

Acknowledgement of Paternity

Call 903-798-3900 to schedule an appointment

Walk-ins accepted by Attorney General's Office:
122 Plaza West, Suite 2
Texarkana, TX 75501

Service Fee
Certified Birth Certificate, long or short form $23
Small Poly Sleeve for certificate $2
Large Poly Sleeve for certificate $3
Certified Death Certificate $21
Each additional Death Certificates ordered
of the same record at the same time $4
Shipping and Handling For Mail $2

Name Change
Biological Father's Name
Do you also want to add the father's name and information? If you do, then you need to file a new birth certificate based on paternity. Two documents are needed:
  • The biological mother and father must complete and sign an Application for a New Birth Certificate Based on Parentage in front of a notary public. If you have gone to court to establish paternity, only one parent needs to sign the form in front of the notary public.
  • You must also submit one of the following documents with the application:
    • If paternity has been established through a court order, please send in a certified copy of the entire court order.
    • If paternity has not been established through the court, and the biological parents are now married to each other, please send in a certified copy of the marriage license.
    • If the parents are not married to each other, an Acknowledgement of Paternity form (VS-159.1) must be completed.
There is a fee of $25 to file the new birth certificate and an additional fee of $22 for a certified copy of the new birth certificate once it has been filed.

Other Than the Biological Father's Name
You will need a certified copy of a court-ordered name change. Changing a person's last name requires a court order. Please submit the certified copy of the entire court order legally changing the name of the registrant. There is a fee of $15 to file the legal name-change amendment and an additional fee of $22 for a certified copy of the birth certificate once the change has been filed.

More Information
For more information please contact us, or browse the FAQ's section.