1. A Staff Member

  2. Birth & Death Certificates

    Find documents required to get a copy of, or amend a birth or death certificate.

  3. City Ordinances

    Review the city ordinances of Texarkana, Texas.

  4. Employment Opportunities

    Find employee opportunities in your area.

  5. Local Parks

    Find a scenic park in your area, perfect for recreation.

  6. Public Information

    Learn all the information you need to make an Open Records Request

  7. Government Services

    The Texarkana Government Services application helps residents locate municipal facilities and obtain information about curbside services.

  8. Nearest Schools

    The My Texas School Districts application helps residents locate which school district in Bowie County they live in and obtain information about schools available in the districts.

  9. City's Social Media

  10. Petition Information

    Read the Citizen Petition Policy.