Rules of the Court

Banner for the Rules of the Court

The courtroom is a very serious place. In order for each defendant to receive a fair trial, all persons in the courtroom must be courteous and respectful at all times. All information pertaining to court proceedings is strictly confidential. Court participants and observers should refrain from discussing court proceedings after court is adjourned.

The Teen Court coordinator and/or the presiding Teen Court judge reserves the right to refuse to hear the case of any youth who fails to abide by the rules of the court. The Teen Court judge has the power to remove from the courtroom and/or hold in contempt any disruptive or disrespectful courtroom observers or participants. Intentional disruption of official court proceedings is a Class A Misdemeanor, punishable by law.

  • Court participants should be polite and well-mannered.
  • Defendants should speak clearly and loudly and refrain from using profanity or other abusive language.
  • Staff members should remain alert and attentive and be well-informed about their cases.
  • All persons in the courtroom shall refrain from unnecessary talking, laughing, or noise of any kind.
  • The Teen Court judge should be addresses as "judge" or "your honor." Staff members addressing the Judge should stand completely.
  • Smoking or other tobacco use, gum chewing, eating, or drinking are strictly prohibited in the courtroom.
  • No cameras or recording devices are allowed in the courtroom without prior consent of the presiding Teen Court judge.
  • No unattended children are allowed in the courtroom.