Chip Seals

Chip Seal Projects

Street Name Job Type From To Cost Status
Constitution Dr Chip Seal Pleasant Grove Rd Independence (S) $11,899.51 Complete
Holmes Ln Chip Seal Start of Holmes End of Holmes $18,557.93 Complete
Independence Cr Chip Seal Constitution Dr (N) Constitution Dr (S) $13,765.50 Complete
Jade Ave Chip Seal Griffin St Douglas St $4,543.33 Complete
Joyce St Chip Seal Suzanne Ave S end of Joyce $8,035.42 Complete
Landrum Ln Chip Seal Piney Rd Westlawn Dr $3,654.00 Complete
Lexington Pl Chip Seal Consitution Dr (N) Constitution Dr (S) $6,270.95 Complete
Longview St Chip Seal Dallas Waco St $5,475.17 Complete
Lost Creek Dr Chip Seal N Kings Hwy N Richland Dr $34,502.42 Complete
Pecan Creek Cr Chip Seal Lost Creek Dr End of Pecan Creek Cr $5,568.00 Complete
Stonewall Cr Chip Seal Stonewall Dr End of Stonewall Cr $5,638.89 Complete
Stonewall Dr Chip Seal N Kings Hwy N Richland Dr $34,502.42 Complete
Texarkana Ave Chip Seal Jameson St Britton Ave $14, 426.07 Complete
W 16th St Chip Seal Peach St Milam St $10,126.62 Complete
Willis St Chip Seal 1604 Willis St Garber St $4,530.44 Complete
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