Advanced Supervisor Course (TCOLE #3009)

This three-day course defines the supervisor and examines some of the essential skills that a supervisor must possess.
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CIT Update 8-hr (TCOLE #3843)

This course will include a combination of lecture, scenario role-play and physical modeling. Participants are expected to be actively involved both verbally and physically.
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Counterfeit Dealer Tag Investigations (TCOLE #2010)

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) buyer tags are being sold illegally ad distributed nationwide via social media and other online venues. This course seeks to increase officer safety when encountering these fraudulent tags.
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Crisis Intervention Training (CIT 40-hr) (TCOLE #1850)

Crisis Intervention Training (CIT 40-hr) TCOLE #1850
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De-Escalation Training (TCOLE #1849)

Limiting the Use of Force in Public Interaction.
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Intermediate Crime Scene (40-hr) (TCOLE #2106)

This course is a core requirement for those peace officers seeking their intermediate peace officer license.
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Mental Health Jailer (TCOLE #4900)

To gain an understanding of mental impairments and their impact within the jail system.
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Response to Death Scenes (TCOLE #53201)

This course is written and instructed to national standards of scene management and death investigation.
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Special Investigative Topics (TCOLE #3232)

This course is designed to meet the continuing education requirements of Texas Government Code 415.034 for peace officers in the State of Texas.
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