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Criminal Interdiction Workshop (TCOLE #3407)

Full Description

This comprehensive three-day workshop will cover:
Classroom (16 hrs):
•Current Threats Facing Our Communities
•An “All Crimes” Approach To Criminal Interdiction
•Combating The Current Opioid Epidemic
•How To Conduct A Legal & Systematic Traffic Stop
•The Mindset Of A Contraband Smuggler
•Steps Taken By Criminals To Avoid Detection
•Recognizing Indicators Of Criminal Activity
•Pertinent Case Law Relating To Criminal Interdiction
•How Defense Attorneys Beat Criminal Cases In Court
•Developing Roadside Conversational Skills
•Spotting Deceptive Behavior
•How and When To Ask For Consent To Search
•Officer Safety Issues Pertaining To Interdiction
•Identifying Common Vehicle Concealments
•Numerous Electronic Compartment Videos
•Appropriate Asset Forfeiture Practices
•Post Arrest Considerations
•Current & Effective Interdiction Resources
•Numerous Recent Interdiction Traffic Stop Videos
•Review Of Numerous Recent Concealment Videos

Workshop (8 hrs):
•Hands-On Searching Of Actual Vehicles
•Car / Pickup / SUV / Van
•Exposure To Simulated IED’s
•Electronic Compartments Up Close & Personal
•Exposure To A Variety Of Simulated Contrabands
•Exposure To A Number Of Different Concealments
•Engine Manifolds
•False Batteries
•Fuel Tanks & More

Tuition: $649/student

To register, visit: or call: 405-293-9800 OR visit:

Desert Snow TXK registration link

Please see our course attendance policy here.

Open Sessions

  • Session Day(s) Times Dates Location Instructor Age Max Participants
  • January 19-21, 2021 W Th F 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM 1/19/2022 — 1/21/2022 Police Training Center Desert Snow All Ages 38

    Registration for this session begins June 17, 2021 and ends January 18, 2022.