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Mental Health Jailer (TCOLE #4900)

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An increasing number of incarcerated persons today have a documented diagnosis associated with a mental impairment. Jails have become homes to thousands of inmates who have mental impairments, resulting in more severe symptoms and more disruptive behavior. Incarcerated persons, even those that do not have a mental illness, experience significant stress in the jail environment to include: Separation from family and friends, lack of privacy, fear of assault, and boredom. These stressors are compounded for a person with a mental illness, often overwhelming the limited coping skills they do have, resulting in functional deterioration. With the decrease in inpatient psychiatric beds and decline in the availability of community mental health services, people with serious mental illnesses frequently go without the treatment and services they need. When someone experiences a psychiatric crisis or acts out as a result of symptoms of their illness, police are often the first-line responders, and jails and prisons are increasingly used to house and treat these individuals.

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