Stormwater Forms & Reports

  1. TPDES Stormwater MS4 General Permit May 2014-CURRENT (PDF)
  2. TPDES Construction General Permit TXR150000 2013 (PDF)
  3. Stormwater Plan Review Application-Special Construction Site (PDF)
  4. Stormwater Plan Review Application-Small Construction Site (PDF)
  5. Stormwater Plan Review Application-Large Construction Site
  6. Stormwater Management Ordinance Passed, Went Into Effect January 1, 2013
  7. Stormwater Guidelines for Contractors, Developers, and Engineers
  8. SWP3 Checklist
  9. Construction Flowchart-City of Texarkana
  10. TCEQ SW3P Template Instructions
  11. TCEQ SW3P Template
  12. Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Checklist
  13. City of Texarkana, TX Construction Site Inspectors Form
  14. Notice of Intent,NOI, for Construction Activity TXR150000
  15. Large Construction Site Notice-Primary Operators
  16. Large Construction Site Notice-Secondary Operators
  17. Small Construction Site Notice
  18. Small Construction Site Notice-Low Potential for Erosion
  19. MS4 General Permit TXR040000
  20. MS4 Construction Site Notice TXR040000
  21. Notice of Intent, NOI, for Industrial Activity TXR050000
  22. Notice of Change for Industrial Activity-TXR050000
  23. Notice of Change for Construction Activity-TXR150000
  24. Notice of Termination for Construction Activity-TXR150000
  25. Notice of Termination for Industrial Activity-TXR050000
  26. Annual Report-Year One
  27. Annual Report-Year Two
  28. Annual Report-Year Three
  29. Annual Report-Year Four
  30. Annual Report-Year Five
  31. Annual Report Year Six
  32. Annual Report Ph II Year 1 (Year Seven)
  33. Annual Report Ph II Year 2 (Year Eight)
  34. Swimming Pool Application