• Debris from the tornado covers a street block, damaged building in the background.
  • Building severely damaged by the tornado, extensive wall damage.
  • Semi-Trucks thrown like toys in the storm, piled on top one another.
  • Parking lot outside damaged Walmart store, cars have been pushed into one another, or tossed on top of others.
  • Large piece of wood impaled a curb.
  • People outside, looking at the damaged neighborhood. No undamaged buildings visible.
  • Large signs have been pushed over, additional damage to buildings visible in background.
  • Pile of cars thrown by the tornado.
  • Semi-Truck pushed over by the strong winds.
  • Entire city block bulldozed by the tornado, trees left splintered.
  • Severe damage in front of empty field, a car has been pancaked by falling debris.
  • Emergency worker carries victim from danger.
  • City hospital damaged by tornado, the helicopter thrown from the helipad on its side in the foreground.
  • Large amount of debris, taken from its building in the tornado.
  • Entire building stripped down to its frame, surrounded by debris.
  • Building with some damage, light poles pushed over.
  • Car lot with minimal damage, building window blown out in the background.
  • Building with damaged walls still stands behind its mangled sign.
  • Entire building reduced to a large pile of rubble during the tornado.
  • Night time image of trees pushed down, tearing ground up with its roots.
  • Restaurant still stands, despite having poles pushed onto it.

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